Series: Read-a-thons

Day 4: Off to a Bad Start: Bout of Books Read-a-thon 17

Hello, and welcome (back) to Writer Central!

bout of the books.jpgSo, if you didn’t already know, I’ve been participating in a week-long read-a-thon called Bout of Books that started on the twenty-second of August.

I promised to give updates over the week, but so far I’m not sure if it’s going to be updates,  as in plural.  You see, the start of the read-a-thon, for me, was delayed.  It turned out that for the first few days of the week, I actually had to take care of something out of town, and I had absolutely zero opportunity to read.

Anyway, I finally got home last night and spent this morning finishing the first book in my TBR, The Cursed Child, which I’ll be putting out a review on tomorrow.

So here are my updates for today, which is Thursday, August 25:

Pages read so far: 204

Pages remaining to be read: 866

Pages to read each day in order to finish in time: 217

Because I’m off to a bad start I know that I’ll have to work harder to catch up.  But I have faith in myself!

Also, I decided to use this opportunity to give you guys a few suggestions if you, too, are off to a bad start.  Below you can find some tips to help.

  1. Don’t stress about it.  I know that I was pretty frustrated at the fact that my reading plans had been…postponed…but the best thing to do is to forget about it.  You can’t change how you’ve done, so just pick yourself back up, brush yourself off, and trudge on.
  2. Read in your free time.  Ok, maybe your favorite video game just got a new update, or you’d like to chat with your friends on FaceTime for a bit.  But before you go off to spend your free time doing senseless things, I suggest you stop and consider if you really want win this thing.  Because you won’t if you don’t seize the few opportunities you get.
  3. Don’t have free time?  Make some.  It can be difficult to wedge some reading into that pile of to-do that’s beginning to overwhelm you.  Seriously, though, you need a break from it.  Just take a quick moment to read a chapter, and then get back to your work.  Breaks, though surprising, make one more productive.
  4. Alternate.  Do you have several tasks to complete, reading included?  Just alternate between everything you have to get done.

That’s all for today!  Thank you for reading this quick little update.  If you’d like more writerly and bookish things, click here, or follow my blog to be notified whenever I post.

If you have a writing question or idea, or even a thought on this post, just comment below or contact me through email or social media, and I’ll get back to you.  Also, how are you doing with your Bout of Books TBR?  Let me know in the comments section!

See you next time!



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