July 22: Winning: July Camp NaNoWriMo 2016

Hello, reader, and welcome (back) to Writer Central!

So, it is the twenty-second of July, which also means that we’re twenty-two thirty-firsts through Camp NaNoWriMo!  Augh!

Winning started two days ago, but I am still about 10k words from my goal.  How are you all doing?  Let me know below.  Anyway, the fact that it’s winning time again means three things to me: one, we’re nearing the end of this precaurious journey, two, I’d better hurry up and finish my novel, and three, I can’t change my word count anymore.

Some of us are behind, but some of us are also way ahead. It all depends on our word count goals, our writing speeds, our willingness to write.  Well, now the deadline’s even closer, and I know some of us are worried about not winning in time.

So here are four basic tips I’ve compiled to help you and your novel reach your goal – or at least to help you and your novel feel like you can reach your goal.

  1. Just keep up to your stats!  Your statistics on the Camp NaNoWriMo website show you how much you write each day, how many words you have left, and, most importantly, if you’ll make your goal or not by the time Camp’s over.  As long as you write what you need to write to stay on track, you’ll reach your goal by July 31st!  Don’t feel like you have to finish your novel as soon as the winning begins!
  2. Give yourself special writing time.  If your schedule is unusually busy, which mine has been lately, carve out a time to write.  Even if you’re tired, even if all you want to do is sleep.  Because if you don’t write, you’ll probably go to sleep feeling unproductive and annoyed at yourself.  Of course, take care of yourself first!
  3. Give yourself competitions.  Give yourself other goals to work to, smaller ones that will build their way up.  Tell yourself that you will finish Chapter 18 today, or that you will write at least 2k words.  These things will add to your word count.  Slow but steady!
  4. Have competitions with others.  By this, I don’t necessarily mean sprints and wars – though, those are excellent as well.  Try bets, to see who can write more over their goal, and the loser has a punishment.  Set other goals for yourself, over your original one if you want, and tell your friends or family that if you don’t make this goal they get to chose a punishment for you.  If this doesn’t motivate you, then I have no idea what will.

That’s all for today!  Just remember: you can always catch up, even if it’s not when you want to.  Don’t beat yourself up, because you’re doing great!  Just keep going.

(Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.)

Thanks for reading!  If you found this helpful in any way, or would like some more writerly tips, feel free to follow my blog!  Or, you can follow by email and get notifications right in your inbox when I post something new.

If you have a question or idea, feel free to comment below, or contact me through email or social media.  I’ll get back to you!

Also, tell me: How close are you to winning?  Or have you already won?

See you next time!


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