Sarah J. Maas: The Assassin’s Blade: Part 1

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Today I (again) am going to attempt to write a review, though doing so is not necessarily my strong point…but I’m doing it anyway.

The review is on The Assassin’s Blade, by Sarah J. Maas.  This book is a collection of five novellas surrounding the tale of Celaena Sardothien, also known as Adarlan’s Assassin.  It’s considered #0 in the Throne of Glass series.

I’ll give a spoiler-free summary and review of the first three novellas.  (Stick around for Part 2.)

The Assassin and the Pirate Lord #1

the pirate lord.pngSummary:  Arobynn Hamel sends his two best assassins, Celaena Sardothien and Sam Cortland to the island of the Pirate Lord to collect on a debt that they are owed by the Pirate Lord.  However, when Celaena finds out that Arobynn is not asking for money, but for slaves, Celaena is torn between the decision to free the slaves and, if not killed by the Pirate Lord, then beat by Arobynn, or to just go along with the trade.

Review:  I think that this novella was a well-written way to start off the set of five.  Maas did a good job with her protagonists, and the threats in the story were real as if life-like.  The characters were witty and funny, and I loved Celaena and Sam’s relationship – like they trust each other, but still despise each other.

The Assassin and the Healer #2

the healerSummary:  Celaena returned home, only to be sent off again.  On her way to her next mission, she stays at an inn.  The inn is not well-cared for, and it’s gross and unsafe.  When a barmaid there is attacked by some thugs, Celaena kills the thugs and bonds with the woman.  She then teaches the barmaid how to defend herself, and finds out she’s a healer.  The barmaid wants nothing more than to escape the place she works at, but she doesn’t have the money.  Celaena has to decide whether to help her or get out of there before she gets in trouble.

Review:  I like the bond between Celaena and the barmaid.  I like how it shows that Celaena is not a all-the-way heartless murderer, and that she cares about people.  Maas exquisitely displays the fear and danger of relationships in her world.

The Assassin and the Desert #3

the desert.pngSummary:  Celaena has been sent to the desert as a challenge from her master.  He wants her to be trained by the Lord of the Silent Assassins, and return with a letter of verification.  However, Celaena soon finds out that almost no one is trained by the master.  And Celaena has other things to worry about, as well.  She’s worried about Sam, because she hasn’t heard from him in almost two months.  Also, enemies of the Silent Assassins are threatening to break the calm, peacefulness of the headquarters.  Celaena has to realize who is on her side, and who wants her dead.

Review:  Again, I like how Celaena reacts with others.  I think she’s witty and this novella shows all that.  I like how sometimes she opens up and lets her vulnerable side show sometimes, too.

Check out Sarah J. Maas’s site here.  You can find summaries and titles of all of her books, as well as a biography and more.

That’s all for today!  Thanks for reading!

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