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How to Make a Good Blog

Hello, reader!  And welcome (back) to Writer Central.

Today I’m going to discuss something that I believe I have discussed before, but today I’m going into detail with it.  And that is how to make a good blog.  This is going to be brief, but I’ll try to make it worth your time.

Owning a blog can be frustrating, confusing, and so many other things.  When your blog is just not getting visitors, it can make you feel low and worthless.  On the other hand, getting continuous views and follows is indescribably satisfying, and one of the things that many of us bloggers strive for.  We keep writing our blog posts thinking that someone’s going to read them, and when someone does, it’s a really good feeling.

But getting started can be very difficult.  And so below I’ve compiled a list of tips for anyone considering starting a blog.

  1. Explore topics.  Discover a topic that interests you, something you want to tell the world.  You don’t have to remain binded to that topic for ever, but you should know the basic gist of what you want to write about.  This way people know what to expect when they visit your blog.
  2. Find a starter site.  To start yourself off, use a simple site like Weebly or Blogger, to push your blog to the starting point.  From here you can grow and expand until your blog is what you want it.
  3. Choose a blog name (domain).  The name of your blog should be more or less reflective of your topic.
  4. Choose a theme.  While this step may seem obvious, it’s very crucial and more difficult than I initially foresaw.  Choose a theme that you thing not only somewhat represents what you’ll be writing about, but also what represents you as a person, and the theme you’ll enjoy.  You should also consider what you think will attract viewers and followers.
  5. Set up your blog.  Set up its pages, and everything else you think you will need for your blog.  And don’t stress about it, because the site you use to start you off will help you through the process.
  6. Write your first blog post.  By now you should already have decided on a topic, and maybe your first post will say something introducing yourself.  Have fun with it!
  7. Make a “blog day.”  Choose a day each week, or every other week, or whenever you want, when you’ll write your blog post.  Tell your readers this so they know when to drop by.
  8. Publicize.  Leave shout outs to your blog on social media every time you post something new, tell friends about it, etc.  This will help your viewer amount increase!

Thanks for reading!  If you’re new to Writer Central, I update my blog at least once a week.  I’d also love to hear from you, so if you have any questions or ideas, feel free to comment below, e-mail me, or contact me through social media.  I will be sure to credit you!

And, as always, besure to return next Friday for new content.


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