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Co-Authoring: The Downsides of Co-Authoring Part 1 (ft. WhyIsTheWaterBlue?)

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Today I have a guest writing my blog post.  Her name is Cory.  I did a post on her blog, too, so if you wish to check it out, the link to that and to her website is below.  Keep reading!


Hi! My name is Cory. Today I’ll be talking about the downsides of Co-Authoring.

Why Is It Bad To Co-Author?

Well first of all, it isn’t all bad. You do learn a lot. But it’s difficult. Assigning an even amount of work to each person is a hassle. Does one person do all the writing and one person do all the planning? Or does each person write one chapter each, have a character, help with the story, etc? There are just so many details too. You need to be clear about everything, every tiny little detail. You also need to schedule a time because let’s face it, when you’re in school you don’t have a lot of time, you are too busy with work, you are too busy with family/friends, or you are just too lazy.

You need a way of communicating, and switching from phone to com, or hangouts to docs is really annoying. You can work in the same doc, sure, but going from writing to texting and back and forth is annoying too. You can use skype, but sometimes you can’t hear, it’s inconvenient, yadayadayada.

You need to agree on ideas and come up with ideas, sometimes you need food, get pulled away, or are stuck.

If you do decide to Co-Author come up with a solid plan and make sure that you are really, really devoted to it. Find a friend who is willing to co-author. I personally have co-authored with someone, and it’s not the easiest thing, that’s for sure. But it is a great learning experience. You get to see the other person’s style, their thoughts, and so much more! So it’s up to you if you want to co-author or not.


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Big thanks to Mariya for letting me do a post on Writer Central!


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