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Co-Authoring: The Benefits of Co-Authoring

Hello, reader!  And welcome (back) to Writer Central!  This is just a rewrite of post I did on my friend Cory’s blog, so go check it out there if you haven’t already!  Also, go read the blog she wrote on my site, Co-Authoring: The Downsides of Co-Authoring.

Since she covered the downsides of co-authoring, I will list the benefits.

So, to start this post off, let’s clear up what co-authoring is.  Co-authoring is when two authors write a book together.  Simple, right?  Well, it sounds simple.  There are so, so many rules, unspoken as well as completely obvious, which I will cover in another blog post on Writer Central someday soon.

If you’re considering going into the co-authoring area of writing a novel, then here are three benefits of writing with another person.

  1. There’s always someone to confide in and/or use as help.  You’re facing all your troubles with another person, which usually helps ease the stress.  You’re partners in crime, there for each other when one is having a tough moment.
  2. Two opinions are better than one.  I certainly would not say that this is always true, but with co-authoring it is a plus.  There are two people to decide how each little plot twist meanders on to create the book.
  3. It helps with bonding.  The person you started out with may have already been a close friend, or you may have met them over the Internet or in another way.  Whatever the case, working so closely will either build your relationship, or destroy it, but building it is usually more common.
  4. It can be a fun and interesting way to create two unique characters.  Most authors have to make all their characters unique all on their own.  But co-authors can find a way to switch back and forth between two protagonists as a way to identify strong different voices.

Thank you for reading my blog post!  Again, go check out Corey’s blog, and give her a follow if you will.  And return to Writer Central weekly for new content! 😀


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