Cornelia Funke Author Review: Dragon Rider

Hey, reader!  And welcome (back) to Writer Central.

So if you couldn’t tell, I’ve been putting out a lot of posts lately.  But this one is a little bit different from the ones I usually do.  Today I’m doing a review.  And who is that on?  It’s on Cornelia Funke, an author of many books, though the one I am focusing on today is called Dragon Rider.

Yes, I suppose I do do a lot of a dragon-themed reviews, but come on!  As J.R.R. Tolkien once stated, “It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons.”  And this is so, so true!  In fact, I have no idea how I get by ever day without a dragon.

Ok, ok.  I think I am going to stop talking about dragons now.  Well, I will still talk about them, but in a less weird way.

dragon riderSo – Dragon Rider.  The book starts out from the perspective of a rat.  The rat is running to the dragon villages to alert the dragons that humans are coming to take over the valley they live in by flooding it.  So the dragons have a meeting, and Statebeard, the “oldest dragon in the valley” claims they will have to move out.  But where to?  All of their options are inhabited by humans.

But Slatebeard tells them about the Rim of Heaven, the place where dragons started out.  It’s very hard for humans – or anyone – to find, but if they can, they would be safe there.  A young dragon and his pet brownie Sorrel decide to go find the Rim of Heaven.

On the way they meet lots of people, including a human boy named Ben who tries to help them.  Little do they know, there’s another dragon who also wants to find the Rim of Heaven.  He does not want them to find it first, and he will go to extremes to beat them there.

The book is a very interesting turn on the relationship of dragons and humans.  This time, it’s the dragons that are scared of the humans, and not vice versa.  And dragons are almost extinct.  I think the relationship between Firedrake, the dragon, and Ben, the boy, is very interesting because they are bonding in a way that dragons and humans aren’t supposed to.

This book is super fun if you are into that sort of thing, and I recommend it!  Also, sorry for the super short review.  It’s the best I could do in the time I had.

I’ve linked Cornelia’s website here.  It’s an amazing website, so I suggest you take a look!

Thanks for visiting Writer Central!  Please come back next week for new content, and feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions!  Also, comment down below if you’ve read Dragon Rider.

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