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Procrastinating is a very difficult thing to avoid when writing a novel.   When you are supposed to be writing, you tend to drift off into anime world, or YouTube world, and you ignore what has to be done.   Sometimes you want to hang out with your friends instead of working.   And I understand this, as it is something I do at a regular basis.   Which is why I may be one of the best people to help you overcome this habit…or may not, but whatever.

This is what happened to me during the month of November, when I was participating in National Novel Writing Month: I woke up extremely early on the Sunday morning and got off to a great start.   I actually reached 10k words on the first day, and I loved every minute of it.   I kept going, like a rocket with a torrent of steam to push me on.

But every rocket has to slow down at some point.  I came to an excruciating lull, and frustration began to well up in place of my no longer existent steam.  I no longer wanted to write, I just wanted to watch the thrilling advertisements that appeared on Pandora, and leapt at any opportunity I could find to tear my fingers from the keyboard and be free.

Eventually, I did reach my goal.   But this was by pushing myself unimaginably hard.    I went to my friend’s house and we spent hours tapping away simultaneously at our keyboards.

Which leads me to my next point.   If you don’t want to do something, the best remedy is to make yourself do it anyway.   If you don’t, it will never get done!   So, in order to do this, I suggest setting goals, and rewarding yourself once you have completed them.   Make yourself write a chapter and then go watch videos or chat with your friends to reward yourself.   There is no other way to get it done.   You are the only person who can make you do anything.

If you are a writer, telling yourself to write something each day is an appropriate goal.   However, it is a very broad goal.   You want to piece your goal down so you have more to work with.   And don’t give yourself a way to get around it.   Make sure that you know exactly what you need to do in order to meet your broad goal.

One day you may spend quite a bit of time writing, and you will naturally want to slack off the next day because of now much you did yesterday.   I do not recommend this–it creates an uneven balance in your writer life, and confuses the parts of you that have grown accustomed to specific amounts of writing each day.   Instead of doing that, write to your goal each day.   Of course, it makes total sense if you have more time to write at a certain time of week than at others.   But don’t let yourself fall behind your goal, as eventually you will fall behind as a writer.   Basically what I am saying is this: Write at least or more then the goal you set for each day.

That’s all I have for today!   I hope it helped.   Please don’t forget to check back each Friday for new content!!   Thank you for visiting Writer Central, and feel free to comment if you have new suggestions.


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