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Publicity Measures

Hello, reader, and welcome (back) to Writer Central!

So, if you are an author, aspiring writer, or really just any sort of person who wants their work to be better known (though I mainly focus on writers), then it’s best to spread out on the Internet.  Because these days Internet is the majority of how we communicate, live, and get things done (or do the opposite…).

I can’t think of an author who doesn’t have a website.  The author’s website is a place where she/he can keep information on their books, can write blogs, can talk about themselves.  It’s a good thing to have, especially when you already have a book published.  But some of us don’t have the time to handle a website.  We don’t have the time to write blogs.  Or we just don’t have the money to start one.  This is the biggest complaint I’ve seen.  (News flash – there are free website-makers everywhere – I’m using one right now!  Some I can name right off the bat are Weebly, WordPress, and Blogger.  These three sites make setting up your website a heck of a lot easier, not to mention cheeper, than designing one of your own from scratch.)

If a website seems like too much too maintain for you (it is a hard, ongoing obligation), then I suggest other ways to get well known – like social media.  Make an Instagram account and become a bookstagrammer.  Comment on other people’s photos, posts, or even YouTube videos.

Note – I am not telling you to spam all over someone’s profile page.  This will just grant you annoyed viewers.  If you want people to check out your account, comment something simple and nice.  But please don’t comment something like, “FOLLOW ME! FOLLOW ME! FOLLOW ME!”  Again, another form of spamming.

Make a profile picture that looks professional so people will want to check out your page.  If you don’t want your face as the icon, then design a different picture, or get one off the Internet.  A professional picture (not to mention a professional account) will be a very good way to attract followers.

Make a Goodreads account and write book reviews and get involved in discussions.  After your book is published, you should be able to become a Goodreads Author, which may help publicity-wise.

Here is something I bet you were considering, but brushed off as too much work.  I know I did.  YouTube.  You could become a BookTuber, or you could just give tips and advice.  Of course, this is even more work than making a blog, but it’s still something to take into consideration; a way to get well known.

If none of these suggestions work for you, because you’re too busy for any of it, you don’t want social media, and you certainly don’t want to film videos of your stuttering self and post them for the world to see, then I have one last suggestion for you – just write your book.  People will find it eventually (though perhaps not as quickly as they would otherwise).  The book is only worth the people reading it if it’s a good book – it being a good book is pretty much all that’s important.

Your publicity should not be your main focus.  Though you should be keeping track of the sales you’re getting, you should not be overly obsessed with how many Instagram likes you have, or how many subscribers on your channel.  The point of writing the book is to tell a story that isn’t out there yet.

That’s all for today’s blog.  Thank you for reading!  I update my blog every Friday, and write reviews, too.  Please come back often to read my new content.  Happy writing!


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