Stand-alones: Tips and Advice

What is a Writer?

Writers are insane…and you are one.   So you’d better get used to the funny looks you’re sure to receive, better get used to fact that almost no one will understand you, to becoming an introvert.   Because, I’m sad to say, it is only a small percentage of all the 7.5 billion people in our world who have succeeded–or are determined to succeed–as writers.   And now, congratulations, you have joined this small percentage by beginning an amazing journey: you are a writer.   There.   I said it.

Becoming a writer is an amazing thing.   It is something many people scoff at the idea of, or might attempt, but never follow through with because they are “so busy” with their own non-writer lives.   They don’t believe in themselves, they don’t think they have enough time to put words on paper.

This is a terrible excuse!!   If you want to become a writer, you need to have motivation!   You need to believe that you can do it!   You need to push aside all the things which try to prevent you from reaching your goal–and write.   Write like you’ll never be able to again.   Don’t bother to look at the length or quality, just get your ideas on to the paper so they can be sorted out later.   This is why it is called a rough draft!

A rough draft is basically a compilation of all of your unperfected ideas.   It will be full of plot holes and crappy sentences.   Most likely, it will make sense only to you, and you won’t want anyone to see it until you have moved on to your presentable draft.   No writer’s rough draft is ready to be published right from the start, and you are not the outstanding exception.

Think of all the writers who have published novels that you have read twenty times and never tired of.   How do you think they produced these amazing stories?   It certainly wasn’t by deciding they didn’t have enough time to write and abandoned their manuscripts to work on five years later.   No!   They had a daily routine–a set time outside of their business and family lives in which they sat at a desk and put pen to paper.   They made themselves write even if it was a bad day, even if they didn’t feel like it–which they surely didn’t.   What mattered was that they practiced their skill enough to improve it little by little, and this is exactly what you need to do to publish a book.   Consider it part of your agenda.

Now open your amazing manuscript and get writing (or typing, or whatever it is you do).   And don’t ever doubt your capacities, because all of us writers are struggling the same way and we all understand.   The world awaits your novel, noble author! Don’t let them down.


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