Bridget Zinn Author Review: Poison

Hey, reader!  Today I’m going to review an author who isn’t as widely known as I wish she was.  Unfortunately, she died after writing Poison, but her book is still amazing.  Bridget Zinn stayed strong even though she was going through a hard time, and did not give up on writing the book.

Her novel was actually in Oregon’s 2014-2015 Battle of the Books, which is how I found out about it.  I read it, and enjoyed it, and totally recommend it for a good, effortless read.

poison.jpgPoison is a fantasy YA novel following the story of a girl, Kyra, “highly skilled potions master,” who tries to kill her best friend for a reason we do not entirely know.  She uses a piglet to help her survive, but several things happen to warp the events that proceed.  Kyra battles goblins and strange young men, and uses the help of witches and friends (or are they foes?).

What spins the plot forward is the reader’s curiosity to Kyra’s motivation to kill her best friend, because it is obvious that she doesn’t want to but feels that she has to.

Zinn actually managed to include some twists that I did not foresee, and I think she did a wonderful job writing it.

Even though it’s been awhile since I’ve read it, this book still inspires me for my own work.  The world was interesting and the characters were funny and animated if not relatable.  I loved Zinn’s new aspect of potions.

What I loved most was how Zinn managed to display and weave together the confusion brought between different kinds of relationships – the boyfriend who betrays you; the strange man who befriends you; the mother who doesn’t care about you; the princess you want to kill but still likes you.

Even though Zinn was a very amazing author, and person in general, and her book was engaging, there are some things I would like to point out that I notice that bugged me.

First of all, the world she built, although it was more or less intriguing, felt like it lacked something.  The culture and the magical boundaries were difficult for me to grasp.  Sure, there were goblins, but what could they do to their full extent?  Where did they live?  How did they come about?  I wish these little details were included, and more.

One last thing – some parts of the book felt unnecessarily rushed and emotionless, almost like the characters were just speaking blandly.  This may have been fixed if Zinn focused more on her narrative and character development.

Zinn lived in Portland, Oregon.  If you want to know more about what she was like when she was alive, or more about Poison, here is a link to her website.)

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