Jenna Moreci Author Review: EVE: The Awakening, EVE #1

Hey, reader!  My name is Mariya Carver, and I welcome you to Writer Central.

Today’s topic is going to be Californian Jenna Moreci, adult author and self-proclaimed cyborg.  She’s also one of my favorite authors, not only because of the books she writes, but because of her personality.  She has a writing YouTube channel that I’ve linked here.  Check her out!  She’s awesome.

She’s an awesome person who give awesome writing advice.  She’s also the awesome author of EVE: The Awakening, the first book in the EVE series.  I read this book, and I loved it so much!  I recommend you check it out.  Jenna is also beautiful (she used to be a model) and incredibly funny.  Her books take after her.

EVEtheawakeningToday I’m going to give a review for EVE: The Awakening, which you can read the first three chapters of at, get signed copies of here, or buy on Amazon for about $15.  Let’s get started!

So on Goodreads, I rated this book five stars, because it was actually one of the few stories I never got tired of and couldn’t put down.  Normally, I get bored of reading after awhile, but not in this case. Jenna’s writing is the perfect mix of quick and slow at the same time, and I think that’s a good balance to have when writing a sci-fi romance novel.

“Eve is an outcast. A chimera.”

EVE: The Awakening is about an orphaned girl named Evelyn Kingston who is different than most people – she’s a chimera, which means she is more powerful than regular folk.  She can run faster, and she’s stronger.  The book is basically about Eve trying to survive being different among the Interlopers, the alien tribe (I guess it can be called a tribe) which invaded Earth.

Moreci’s characters are funny and, though some are a bit cliché,  well-developed.  She knows exactly how to involve the reader in the action and keep them in suspense at the same time.  There is some controversy about this book, as well.  Some people love it (I might even say are obsessed) but others found it boring with clichés and under-developed characters.

I can see where these people get the cliché part from.  The characters do follow a cliché line, from the bossy popular girl and her little sidekick, to the mean boys who bully Eve.  Some of the scenes in the book seem a bit exaggerated, but because the year is 2087, I personally think that things could have changed the way Moreci made them change, even if it’s a bit of a stretch.

I love the romance and the friendships in this book, and I especially love the Interlopers – the flying aliens.  I totally recommend it for sci-fi, adventure, fantasy, and romance lovers!  Find out more information about EVE on Goodreads, and don’t forget to check out Jenna Moreci’s book on Amazon, subscribe to her YouTube channel, and follower Instagram (@jennamoreci).

Thank you for reading my blog this week! I hope you enjoyed and you’ll stick around for next week.


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