Tui T. Sutherland Author Review: Wings of Fire Series

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These days, the most popular book genre seems to be fantasy.  It’s the go-to genre that most people name when asked what their favorite genre is.  My current book’s genre is fantasy, and to me personally it comes naturally.

But YA author Tui Sutherland managed to twist “fantasy” into another meaning.  Instead of a heroic story of a person and their pet unicorn – whatever, you name it – she wrote a whole series about dragons, but not only about them.  Her series is from their point of view.

The basic plot is five dragonets who are destined to save the dragon world, which is in a chaotic war, from the three heirs to the SandWing queen throne – Blister, Burn, and Blaze.  Somehow, these five baby dragons are supposed to end the war and bring peace again.

But, of course, lots of plot twists follow, and amidst them developed characters and conflicted lives.  The story is funny, and easy to read, and you’ll find yourself surprised and satisfied with the things that happen, just as I was.  The books in the series are:

the dragonet prochecy.pngThe Dragonet ProphecyClay, the MudWing, and the other dragonets have lived in an underground cave for their whole life in attempt to keep them safe until they are old enough to stop the war.  But they find a way to escape, and end up meeting Queen Scarlet, queen of the SkyWings.  Clay’s dream is to find his siblings again.

The Lost Heir – Tsunami, the SeaWing dragonet, always wantedthe lost heir.png to find her parents, whom she, like the other dragonets, was taken away from at birth.  She dreamed that she was a SeaWing princess, and would be welcomed back with a feast.  But when she does meet her mother, nothing is exactly how she expected, and she has to try to stop a perplexing murder within her own kingdom.

the hidden kingdom.pngThe Hidden Kingdom – Glory the RainWing finally gets to return to her own kingdom just to find how disorganized the RainWing tribe really is – no one even knew she left all those years ago!  But when RainWings start to go missing and no one except the dragonets notice, Glory knows it is up to her to save the RainWing tribe.

The Dark Secret – Starflight, the NightWing dragonet, doesn’tthe dark secret understand why he doesn’t have NightWing powers the way everyone says he is supposed to. He is also desperate to save the missing RainWings.  He too, wanting to uncover the truth of his own tribe, so he goes to the NightWing kingdom.  However, he is mostly brains and finds it difficult to protect/stand up for himself on his own.

the brightest night.pngThe Brightest Night – Sunny the SandWing, also the smallest of all the dragonets, is determined to prove that she is not always just the weak link of the group.  The time finally comes where the war must end, and Sunny, who was kidnapped, knows it is she who can do the most about it.  But she doesn’t think the dragonets will get through this alive.

Moon Rising – Now that the war has ended, a new group ofmoon rising dragonets have taken over the point of views.  Moonwatcher, the first NightWing in years with powers, attends the new dragonet school only to find that a new evil is awakening.  She meets new dragonet friends, and slowly comes out of her shell.

winter turningWinter Turning – Winter the IceWing has a secret crush on Moon, even though IceWings and NightWings are supposed to be mortal enemies.  They, again, have to deal with Queen Scarlet, who hates them and wants them all dead.

Escaping Peril – Peril the SkyWing is used to being an outcast,escaping peril.png scorned by everyone.  She is accustomed to Queen Scarlet’s using her as a weapon against other dragons in the arena.  But when Queen Scarlet loses the throne, Peril has to get used to a whole new feeling – passion.  She almost re-joins Scarlet before realizing her true duty is elsewhere.

There are, of course, other books by Sutherland, but this is the series I read and enjoyed.  There are more books to come in the series, but they haven’t been released yet.

The first five books are told by the five dragonets, each from a different perspective, but books 6-8 are the beginnings of a new story told by different dragonets.  Though they are in the same world as the first five, they have a different goal.

These books are so funny, and I’m sure you will like them if you like dragons.  If you’d like to visit Tui’s website, you can get there at either or (it will get you to the same place), and also, join the WoF wiki community once you’ve read the books!

I hope, now, that you will consider reading these books (if you are into such a different prospect of fantasy).  Thank you for reading my blog, and come back next week!  I post a blog each Friday, and sometimes other days if I have a chance.  (Like today.)  Sometimes I post reviews, sometimes book talks, and sometimes writer tips, so please return if you are a bookish person.

See you next time!


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