Wattpad Review

Hey, reader!  Welcome (back) to Writer Central!

As I’ve posted more reviews, I’ve begun to realize that my list of uncommon books to review is growing much shorter.  So I decided to postpone the time until my next book review by writing a review on a website, instead.  It’s a writing website, of course!

The website I’m doing today is Wattpad, the writing website for people 13 years and older.  Before I get started, I just want to say that though Wattpad lets you write in many genres, the main one is fan fiction.  Fan fiction is the genre that most people use the site for.

Now, what is Wattpad?  It’s a free site where you can write any story you want, and despite what I said earlier, it can be in any genre.  (Though most of what you see will be fan fictions.  That’s because most of the writers on Wattpad aren’t professionals, so they tend to write off of other people’s work.)

Wattpad is also a collaborative place, so you can get together with other writer friends and share stories with them.  Wattpad lets you divvy your chapters, too, and helps you make a representative cover for the manuscript.  You can also read stories, poems, et cetera, in any genre you want.

Now that I’ve more or less covered the basics of what you can do on Wattpad, I’ll give you my thoughts on it.  Wattpad is a good place to thought dump, and, again, fan fic, but I would not recommend it as a professional place to keep one’s novel.  For starters, most authors (myself included) would not be happy with letting anyone on the Internet view the rough draft of their manuscript.  The rough draft is – like implied – very rough, loose-ended, and, to be honest, absolutely terrible.

Wattpad does have a way to keep your manuscript unpublished, but it’s very sketchy and I’m always kind of afraid that I’ll accidentally publish it so everyone can read my terrible rough draft.

Basically the whole point of that little spiel was to get it out there that I don’t recommend professional authors using it.

I do, however, think it is a good place for beginning/aspiring writers to practice their skills.  It’s easy to get feedback on Wattpad, and it’s a safe place to share your writing.  But only share your writing if you want the whole world to be able to access it!

That’s all I have for today’s review!  Comment below if you use Wattpad, and feel free to friend me there!  I’d love to read your work if I get a chance.  Thank you for reading, and please come back next week.


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